New Concept Ship and Changes to CCUs are Coming on May 19th


It looks like there’s another concept ship going up for sale next week on May 19th! This one is supposed to be for space superiority and will cost $275 in store credit. Those of us here are excited to see it. (Our wallet’s aren’t!)

They also plan to add $5 to all CCUs purchased during an upcoming change. See Zyloh’s post below for full details.


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Captain Zyloh’s post from Spectrum is below:

Hey everyone,

Per our pricing announcement policy: the next ship concept sale, launching May 19th, will be $275 (credit.) This one is TOP SECRET, so we can’t even announce a name yet… but I think you’ll be very happy when you see what the ship team has for you this time around!

I would also like to announce an upcoming change to the CCU system. Starting with this sale, the base price for all CCUs will be $5. We’ve been thinking about this change for a while because there are currently 1.1 million unused CCUs in our system. That’s great for funding because it means there are a million potential ships backers can upgrade to at any time. It’s not so good for our designers, who use data on ships owned in their balancing work. As you can imagine, that’s getting more important the closer we get to the in-game economy!

We’re going with this route because it still allows you to make changes in your ships but will hopefully limit the amount of previously-$0 ‘cross grade’ CCUs that are being stockpiled for a number of reasons (some as intended, others not!) The additional $5 will be included in the ship’s overall value, so it will be returned should you decide to melt something. This will not impact existing CCUs already purchased and it will not change your ability to melt older ships for credit to switch over to a new concept.

That’s it for this week; I can’t wait to see what you think of the Ec…xcellent ship we’ve cooked up.

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