Expanding Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 PTU Testing

This just in!  3.0 PTU stage 1 is here! See the full post by Zyloh below!

Expanding Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 PTU Testing

Today at 09:16 pm

Hi Everyone, We are ready for more stress testing on the latest Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 version, so we’d like to open up the PTU to more players. We will be publishing Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 to the PTU in stages for the following three groups — 1st Wave testers, Subscribers, and Concierge Members.

Tonight we are granting access to 1st Wave testers and going from one stage to the next will depend on server stability. You can follow the status of your group below.

To play Alpha 3.0, you must download and install the new PTU Launcher: https://install.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/RSI-Setup-1.0.0-ptu.25.exe. It features the Delta Patcher, which will drastically reduce the size of incremental game updates. You will also need to copy your account to the PTU. Here’s a refresher on how to do that:

1) Log on to the RSI website using your normal credentials.

2) Copy your account to the PTU by visiting the Settings section of your RSI account or going directly here https://robertsspaceindustries.com/account/copy/ptu. Following this step, you should receive an email with your PTU-specific password.

3) Download the PTU Launcher.

4) Launch the installer exe and follow the instructions on screen.

5) Log in to the PTU Launcher using your login ID and the PTU-specific password received in the email.

6) Make sure the “Live” channel is selected under the Star Citizen logo and download the latest build.

7) Enjoy Alpha 3.0!

The goal of this initial PTU release is to increase our total player count in an effort test concurrency. We also need you to focus on testing the traversal system by quantum traveling, landing on moons, locating and visiting Levski, and just exploring the great expanse of space around Crusader.

Please note that the complete Alpha 3.0 experience is not in this build, as some features are still being implemented and refined. These features will be added to future builds when ready for wider testing.

Stage 1 – PTU 1st Wave: Invites sent

Stage 2 – Subscribers: Invites not sent

Stage 3 – Concierge: Invites not sent

Lastly, you are allowed to create content/stream with this patch.

Happy Testing

Make sure you read over our Getting Started in Star Citizen – A Guide for New Players if you’re new to the game. You can also check out the latest Squadron 42 info here.


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