The Aegis Dynamics Vulcan – Refuel. Repair. Rearm.

The Aegis Dynamics Vulcan

AEGIS Vulcan Exterior Cutaway

Make versatility a reality with the 2948 Vulcan from AEGIS Dynamics. A support ship redefining the three R’s to mean — Refuel. Repair. Rearm.

Refuel stranded ships or top off those running dangerously low. Focused design from famed AEGIS engineer Parnell Rowan means the Vulcan is ready to work for you. Whether on a refueling run or hauling supplies in the rear cargo hold, the word that might best embody the Vulcan is resourceful.

Repair damaged ships without risking a spacewalk. The Vulcan comes standard with BARD drones and support stations to oversee repairs. Built-in drone launchers make their deployment possible even under stressful situations. Another tool on the Vulcan’s versatile utility belt.

Vulcan BARD Repair Drone

Rearm others when needed most. Balancing firepower and protection, the Vulcan holds its own in a scrap. Countless UEE Navy pilots can attest to its capabilities, as the ship has been a battlefield staple for centuries.


AEGIS Vulcan Shop Floor

The Vulcan blends military and industrial design for a utilitarian look and feel. With enough room for three crew members, the ship provides the amenities needed for stints adrift in the great expanse without much pampering.

LENGTH 38.5m
WIDTH 16.5m

Aegis Vulcan Information and Stats

Vulcan Ship Stats

Refuel. Repair. Rearm. Become a one-person support crew with Aegis Dynamics’ versatile Vulcan, supplying aid to pilots on the fly. Whether pinned down under heavy fire and in need of ammunition, low on fuel after an ill-planned cargo run or stranded in unknown space with a busted thruster, a pilot in distress can always count on a Vulcan and its cadre of drones to lend speedy, efficient assistance.

Vulcan Ship Stats 2

Aegis Vulcan Sale Information

AEGIS Vulcan Refuel

The warbond edition of the Aegis Dynamics Vulcan runs $185 and comes with the following:

  • AEGIS Vulcan
  • AEGIS Vulcan Hazard Yellow Skin
  • AEGIS Vulcan CTR Livery Skin
  • SelfLand Hangar
  • Lifetime Insurance

The regular package is $200 and has these items included:

  • AEGIS Vulcan
  • SelfLand Hangar
  • Lifetime Insurance

If you’d like all three of the skins for the Aegis Vulcan, they’re sold separately for $10.

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