The Aegis Dynamics Hammerhead! – The UEE’s Anti-Fighter Gunship


The Aegis Dynamics Hammerhead

Aegis Hammerhead on the beach

The ability to respond quickly and establish battlefield dominance are paramount to any kind of security operation. Simply put, Aegis’ Hammerhead heavy gunship is built to react and fight. Outfitted with both manned and unmanned turrets, the Hammerhead is equally capable of providing anti-fighter support for larger capital ships or spearheading a smaller militia or security outfit.

Hammerhead Take Your Place

In these dangerous times, a strong sense of community is more important than ever. The UEE is working with local militias to empower civilians and citizens like yourselves to help provide an additional security presence in support of local law enforcement. With the ongoing military operations to reclaim Vanduul space and a rising tide of criminal activity, the Empire needs you more than ever to help take a stand for justice and safety for every family.

Aegis Hammerhead Specifications

Aegis Hammerhead Specifications

A fast, light warship capable of providing anti-fighter support for larger capital ships or acting as a flagship for smaller security fleets, the Hammerhead stands as the vanguard in defense of the Empire.

Image previewing the size of the Hammerhead compaired to other ships.

With a minimum crew of 3 and a max crew of 9, the Hammerhead could be great for small orgs as a flagship. It’s also just slightly longer than a Starfarer which makes the number of weapons it has even more impressive.

Aegis Hammerhead Weapons and Hardpoints

Aegis Hammerhead HardPoints

With 6 turrets sporting four size 4 weapons each, the Hammerhead is a potent fighting ship. It also has 36 size 3 missiles! Overall the Aegis Hammerhead is simply a flying weapons platform made to take out fighters and mid sized spacecraft.

Unique Hammerhead Design

Hammerhead on the ground

The Hammerhead is designed from the ground up with its turrets in mind. Each of the side turrets is extended out from the body of the Hammerhead to make sure that they can rotate and engage as many targets as possible.

Hammerhead turret control

With a turret on the top and bottom as well, there is nearly a 360-degree arc of fire around the ship!

The Hammerhead Anniversary Sale

The Warbond Aegis Hammerhead is going to run $550. The price of a Hammerhead purchased with store credit is going to be $650.

The sale runs until December 11th.

Check out the concept sale page here.

Hammerhead Anniversary Sale Video

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