The Baker System

Star Citizen Baker System

The Baker System

The Baker system has two stars, four planets and has jump points to Tayak, Kiel, Hadur, Osiris and Pallas. Baker was accidently discovered from the Kiel system in 2522. The system is currently in unincorporated space and is not a part of the UEE.

Baker’s stars are K type main sequence stars. The planets orbit these stars in a P type orbit, meaning that they orbit around both of the stars. These binary stars make is difficult to terraform the planets of the system due to gravity shear.

The Baker system is home to the Able Baker Challenge, an underground race that changes its course every year. Past races have required racers to circumnavigate Baker I, “breath the vapors” of Baker II and race along the icy surface of Baker III. Most races have weapons free legs where racers are allowed to fire upon other racers.

Baker 1 is a small planet that has a dense iron core. Its orbit is dangerously close to the stars making it almost impossible to visit. Scientists predict that Baker 1 will be consumed by the stars within 150 million years.

Baker II is a smog planet similar to Venus. It has a dense, caustic and poisonous atmosphere causing normal spacecraft hulls to deteriorate soon after they near the surface. Baker II was recently in the news when a gun runner attempted to hide in its atmosphere causing catastrophic damage to the hull of his Freelancer and crashing to the planet’s surface.

Baker III is an ice giant. The surface of the planet has been growing since its discovery drawing the attention of scientists.

The Covalex Shipping Hub Xenia lies between Baker III and Baker IV. With Baker being so close to Xi’an space, this station is used as a way to ship Xi’an goods into UEE space without incurring the large import taxes that are charged when travelling straight into UEE space. The normal amenities you would expect from a station like this are available to travelers that stop here.

Baker IV has no atmosphere or magnetic field. The planet is home to an active Shubin Interstellar mining station named Geo. Shubin Interstellar has mining rights to a majority of the planet.

Star Citizen VectorWhiteVectorWhite’s Thoughts:

At first glance, Baker just looks like any other system with little to no value, but once you dig a little you can find some great opportunities here. Of course the Able Baker Challenge is great from both a racer and a spectator’s standpoint. I’ve won a ton of credits in the past betting on who gets killed first. Only suckers bet on who will actually finish the race.

Smuggling illegal tech out of Xenia is another great money maker. Most Xi’an tech is perfectly fine to possess and sell. The good stuff is never legal to possess. You can boost your profits even further by filling up the rest of your cargo hold with other Xi’an goods. It’s not sexy, but it’s easy and the cash is decent. While you’re at Xenia, stop by the Torchlight Express for a drink and see what kind of intel you can dig up. I’ve pulled plenty of intel out of there for no more than a beer or a couple shots.

Geo is an interesting place. I haven’t spent a lot of time out there since Shubin Interstellar and I have had a few misunderstandings in the past. Word on the street is there’s some shady crap going on out there though. I’m sure Shubin’s competition would love to get their hands on that info if they can.

UPDATE OUT OF BAKER – Don’t even think about smuggling anything through Baker for the foreseeable future! The whole system has become a scanning shitshow. I just heard from some haulers that they’re doubling or even tripling the normal amount of cargo scans at customs and they’re physically boarding and searching almost everyone. That means my previous suggestion of smuggling Xi’an tech is a no go.

On the surface, it looks like this is politically motivated, and just like every other thing the UEE does, what’s on the surface is almost always a coverup. I’m hearing rumors that some highly classified tech got loose and that’s the cause of all the scanning and searching. If you find out the truth, let me know and I’ll make sure we both make a boat load of credits.

Of course, every shitshow has a silver lining. There’s three large jump points that link Xi’an and UEE space and two of those jump points go through Baker. Because of this there are tons of merchants offloading their larger vessels to smaller ships. If you can get in on that, there’s sure to be some credits to be made. Another way to capitalize on this thing is to start running supplies to the Xi’an stations on the UEE side. They’re basically cut off from their normal suppliers so you should be able to jack up the prices on anything you run out to them!

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