The Best Ships for the Star Citizen Smuggler

The Best Ships for the Star Citizen Smuggler

Star Citizen smugglers are nothing more than highly motivated merchants. Sometimes they smuggle for profit, sometimes it’s out of necessity. Either way, one thing always remains the same…getting caught is not an option. Unfortunately, if you’re smuggling a large amount of goods, you probably can’t outrun the authorities. That means you’ll have to rely on avoiding customs, not being seen or blending in with everyone else. These 5 ships (or series of ships) are some of the best options if you plan on smuggling in the ‘verse.

Avenger Titan

Star Citizen Smuggler Ship AvengerAvenger Titan – The Titan is an obvious choice for smuggling. It has beds and a decent range as well as a cargo hold that can hold more than enough contraband to make the run worth it. Its speed isn’t horrible and they’re common enough that no one will be suspicious of you regardless of where your destination is.

Reliant Kore

Star Citizen Smuggler Ship Reliant KoreReliant Kore – The reliant is very similar to the Titan in its capabilities. You have a similar sized cargo area, but you lose the bed and gain an extra seat for a crew member. It would be a decent ship if you had to take someone else along with you on the run.

Hull Series

Star Citizen Smuggler Ship Hull SeriesHull Series – The Hull Series can really be broken down into 2 groups. The Hull A and Hull B, and the Hull C, D and E. The Hull A and B are great because they don’t require a crew other than the pilot, carry a ton of cargo for their size and they can both land planetside without the need to offload to a smaller vessel. This allows you to fly directly to the planet, hopefully avoiding getting scanned on the way down. The Hull C, D and E are nice because they carry so much cargo that you should be able to hide a cargo container or two, full of whatever you want, with little difficulty. Of course you’re going to have to deal with customs and cross loading that contraband to another vessel…better get your bribe money ready.

Constellation Taurus

Star Citizen Smuggler Ship ConstellationConstellation Taurus – The Taurus has the most cargo room of any of the Constellation series. It’s also very common, has adequate turrets to at least make attackers think twice before they attack it and has plenty of room for a small crew. This is probably the best choice for a small group of smugglers getting ready to begin their careers in the ‘verse.

Freelancer Series

Star Citizen Smuggler Ship FreelancerFreelancer Series – The Freelancer can also be a decent choice for a small crew. It’s common enough not to draw much attention, just don’t get boarded, there isn’t a lot of room inside to hide any suspicious cargo if people start poking around.

Of course, everyone has their own idea of what makes a good smuggling ship. The Caterpillar and Cutlass Series probably get used a lot more for smuggling than the ships we have listed here. That goes against our criteria of being able to blend in. Otherwise, those are both great ships!

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