The Nox is Available for Pre-Sale!

nox racing badge

The Nox and Nox Kue are both available for sale a day early for those that own the Drake Dragonfly.  They come with Lifetime Insurance and the warbond (cash) edition is available for $35.  If you order in the pre-sale, you get a Nox Racing Club badge.


Hit the skids with the 2947 Nox. This speedy and maneuverable open-canopy racer from Aopoa is capable of zipping along planet surfaces or deep space. Available for the first time in Human space, the Nox has been specifically redesigned for Human pilots, so grab your ship and head to the racetrack today.


Deriving its name from the Xi’an word for ‘thrust,’ the Nox Kue delivers that and more. This limited version of the open-canopy racer features a stunning brushed-silver finish and was specifically created to celebrate the inaugural sale of the first Nox for Human riders.

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