Star Citizen Mustang Review – Can it Hang in the ‘verse?

Consolidated Outland Mustang Review

This review of the will look at the four models of Consolidated Outland’s Mustang that are normally available in the ‘verse. It will also cover the Mustang Gamma, but it was only available as a special offer many years ago.

Consolidated Outland designed the Mustang from the ground up with incorporating the latest technology as their focus. This makes the ship super light and maneuverable compared to other ships in its price range. It also makes it a little flimsy as they have cut as much weight as possible using proprietary alloys.

All of the Mustangs are single person ships with about 30% less of cargo capacity than the Aurora offers (via an external cargo box that you can add on).

Mustang Review

Similar to the Aurora, each model comes with slightly different equipment as standard, depending on that model’s focus.

The Mustangs are a little more specialized than the Aurora depending on the model. Even with this level of specialization, any of the models should allow you to do small cargo missions in safe space so you can build a reputation and work your way toward a better ship.

It remains to be seen how expensive other ships will be within the ‘verse, but it can probably be assumed that you’ll be using the Mustang for a while if this is the ship you start out with.

The Mustang Alpha

Mustang Alpha Review

The Mustang Alpha is a one person ship with the ability to add an external cargo container (like all Mustangs). The cargo capability is a recent addition in an attempt to make the Mustang series a more capable choice for new players.

The Mustang Alpha comes standard with the ability to add two fixed size 1 weapons on the wings and two size 1 weapons on the unmanned nose turret. The Alpha also comes equipped with a size 2 shield generator (the same as the Aurora MR) but the Aurora can equip a maximum of a size 3 shield generator making it much more durable.

In combat, the Mustang has to rely on its maneuverability in order to survive. Skilled pilots will find that like like the speed and agility of the Mustang over the slower, tankier Aurora.


The stand-alone Mustang Alpha will set you back $30 USD and comes with the ship, a SelfLand hangar and 6 months of insurance.

The Mustang Alpha SC Starter package comes with Star Citizen, a SelfLand hangar, 1,000 UEC to cover your initial cost of running your ship and 3 months of insurance.

The Mustang Alpha Star Citizen + Squadron 42 Combo package comes with everything the Mustang Alpha SC Stater package has and adds in the stand-alone game Squadron 42.

The Mustang Beta

Mustang Beta review

The Mustang Beta is Consolidated Outland’s entry into the exploration realm. Labeled as a touring/exploration model, the Beta has a surprising amount of room in the back, complete with a kitchenette, couch, cabinets and a TV.

The Beta comes standard with a Tarsus Electronics Leaper Jump Engine, the previously mentioned Com4T living quarters, a size 2 shield, two size 1 weapons on the unmanned nose turret and the ability to mount 2 fixed size 1 weapons on the wings.

Of all the small exploration ships, the Mustang Beta seems like it is the best suited for the job from a living quarters standpoint. It remains to be seen if it will come with further electronics to help with its exploration role.

The stand-alone Mustang Beta costs $40 USD and comes with the SelfLand hangar and 6 months of insurance.

The Mustang Delta

Mustang Delta Review

The Mustang Delta is the fighter variant of the Mustang series. It comes with a jump engine and Consolidated Outland’s Cavalry Class Mass Reduction Armor. The addition of their special armor increases its durability and lowers its cross-section signature.

Even though its meant for fighting, the Delta still cannot go head to head with most military craft, but its maneuverability gives it a chance against most other fighters. It comes with a size 2 shield, two fixed size 2 weapons on the wings and two size 1 weapons on the unmanned nose turret. Unlike other Mustangs, the Delta also has unguided rockets on-board.

The stand-alone Mustang Delta is not normally on sale so you’ll have to buy it during one of CIG’s special sales. It comes with the SelfLand hangar and 6 months of insurance.

The Mustang Gamma

Mustang Gamma Review

The Mustang Gamma is one of two racing variants of the Mustang. With less armament and an extra engine, the Gamma is best left on the race track and not used as a daily flier.

It comes with two fixed size ones on the wings and size 2 shields. There are no other options for weapons on the Gamma.

The stand-alone Mustang Gamma is pretty much the cheapest dedicated racer at $55 USD. It comes with the SelfLand hangar and 6 months of insurance.

The Mustang Omega

Mustang Omega Review

Consolidated Outland teamed up with custom tuning company Accelerated Mass Design to create a limited edition racer that features a ramped up fuel intake for faster recycling of the ship’s already impressive boost system. To cap off the collaboration, AMD enlisted resident underground artist Sektor8 to design the dynamic paint job.

The Omega is identical to the Gamma except it has an additional fuel scoop to increase boost fuel recharging. It was only made available to those people that bought certain AMD products a few years ago. You can occasionally find one for sale on the grey market. They are primarily a status symbol.

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VectorWhite’s thoughts:

Star Citizen Squadron 42

Let’s face it, this thing is basically an engine wrapped in aluminum foil. The armor sucks, the shields suck and it jerks uncontrollably until you turn the engines off and back on. Was that a design decision? Who knows what Consolidated Outland was thinking when they designed this thing. I can’t even think of another ship they make other than the Mustang, which is probably good for everyone in the long run.

The Mustangs have the same advantages as the Auroras. There’s so many of them that you can move pretty much anywhere relatively unnoticed and they’re cheap as hell to replace. I’m also glad they tossed a cargo box add-on to these things so you can at least do some light smuggling now.

In the long run, you’re not going to be killing any Super Hornets in this thing but you’re fast enough to disable small cargo craft like the Freelancer if you have the skill (and balls) to take one on. Just don’t get out in front of those guns!

If I had to choose between an Aurora MR and a Mustang Alpha, I’d take the Alpha.

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