The Goss System


Goss features two stars, three planets and can be accessed via jump points from Osiris, Tayac, Terra, Helios and Tyrol. Known for it’s beauty, the system is located next to a phenomena called the Olympus Pool. This is a collection of cosmic dust that is radiative and reflective, spreading multi-colored hues through the sky of the planets in the system. This feature, and the many jump points into the system, make Goss a major tourist attraction. The end result is that the system’s economy is almost entirely based on tourism.

Goss is a binary star system with two K type stars located in the center of the system. The three planets of Goss are in an orbit around a point located roughly equidistant between the two stars.

Binary star systems are systems that have two stars. This occurrence is relatively common throughout the ‘verse. Despite the fact that these systems are relatively common, the UEE has yet to find many jump points to binary star systems. The reason for this in currently unknown. Depending on the distance between the two stars, planets within the system may orbit one or both of the stars.

The first planet, simply known as Goss 1, is a terrestrial planet. Goss 1 is responsible for nearly all of the food production within the system and supplies Goss 1, Cassel and Goss 3 with food. It has a large population and strict property laws. In an attempt to keep mega corporations from coming in and taking over, only those citizens born on Goss 1 may own property.

Cassel is a tourism based pleasure planet with many islands covering the planet. These islands have a full range of beach environments, catering to a wide range of preferences. The environment on Cassel is naturally occurring, meaning that it has not been terraformed. The oceans are home to a wide variety of creatures not found on any other planet.

Goss 3 is a largely undeveloped planet due to the presence of a large UEE hospital complex. Anyone that wants to visit this jungle planet must be granted access by the UEE.

VectorWhite’s thoughts:

VectorWhiteGoss can be a real money maker if you play your cards right. The opportunities for those that are willing to overlook their little laws are almost endless. The people visiting Cassel are always looking for the next big fix and they have the credits to back it up. There’s always a market for drugs of all kinds. If the pimp game is something you’re into, then you can make a killing here. Just be sure to pay off the right people or ensure you don’t get caught. The locals don’t like it when outsiders cut into their profits.

Forged birth records are always a good way to get some easy credits if you’re good enough to pull it off. There’s any number of companies looking to get their feet in the door on Goss 1 and purchase some land.

Goss 3 could provide a little bit of a profit if you happen to be in good with the UEE. Most of that planet hasn’t been explored yet and I can only imagine the different types of drugs that a motivated chemist could pull out of those jungles.

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