Welcome to the Star Citizen Privateer!

Welcome to the Star Citizen Privateer!

The Star Citizen Privateer is a Star Citizen community covering all things Star Citizen related, but primarily focused on those citizens that live within the shadows. Some citizens of the ‘verse prefer to work in the light, delivering goods, flying escort missions and exploring. We enjoy those things too…for a price! Privateers, Smugglers, Info-runners and Mercenaries can all find a home here.

The site is currently under extensive construction. Check back often to see what has changed and to read the latest articles. While you are here, follow this link to create a Star Citizen account if you don’t already have one.

If you’re confused by the RSI website or don’t know what you should buy, check out our guide located here.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you around Port Olisar (or GrimHex if the price is right).

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Thanks for stopping by! Now head over for more of our original Star Citizen content.

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