The Star Citizen Streamers you Should be Following!

The Star Citizen Streamers you Should be Following!

Even with the thriving Star Citizen community on Twitch, many backers don’t know who to follow or just haven’t made the time to check it out. If you’re interested in finding out more information about Star Citizen, or you just want to find more people who love the same game you do, these are the guys (and girls) you should be following over on Their broadcast times are all over the place so someone on this list should fit into a time slot that suits your available viewing times. Enjoy!

The list below is in no particular order.

Bored GamerBoredGamerUK


The original egg headed YouTuber, turned Twitch streamer!




DrDronez aka JihadiDronez, master of the hand grenade. He may kill himself as often as he kills his opponents, but someone is going to die!




Once he’s drunk, he’s just as likely to give away 10 Buccaneers as he is to give away a half eaten piece of pizza.





Grittspitter loves new followers! If you follow today, he’ll change his name to GrittSwallower!




The one and only space bartender.




Wykstrom is the leader of Team Sexy. He also  apparently loves Twitter.





If you’ve ever had your eardrums blown out by an unexpected Wookie impersonation you’re probably already following Uber_Nerd.




Glue your asses to your chairs and prepare to get immobile!


The Templar OneThe Templar One


The guy you want to follow if you’re determined to be a great fighter pilot. WTF is a renegade squardo? Come on RS, it’s only funny when TEST misspells squardon!


Crucian GamingCrucian Gaming


Newly partnered and not so newly loud as hell.




If you’re ever around DudeSmash, I mean RooSmash, and see a Vanguard headed your way, you better look out!




Grimlock occasionally forms complete sentences…




Leader of the SpaceBros and home to some of the worst mods ever.




This is an adult male named Twerk17! How can you not be following him already?




‘Saurus is one of the original Star Citizen streamers. He apparently also like long walks on the beach and has begun live streaming them.




This elderly looking Canadian is actually only 25. Apparently Canadian winters and women are hard on the body.




Come for the DVA cosplay, stay for the Christopher Walken impersonations.




World famous lead sanitation engineer of TEST Squadron.




The one and only Dutch-Canadian Mountie and half assed rapper!




CAG of Zulu Group. Window licking and uncontrollable sobbing are the norm.




Tall man in a little hat.


Captain RichardCaptain Richard


WARNING: This stream is not suitable for children…or adults.


Gray Headed GamerGray Headed Gamer


Beerfarer pilot and host of not so sober Saturdays.


Did we miss your favorite streamer?  Let us know who watch in a comment below!

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