What is 3.0 and what does it mean to us?

What is 3.0 and what does it mean to us?

3.0 is the next big patch that’s scheduled to drop some time in late June or early July. The roadmap right now shows the Evocati (Initial closed tester group) getting the first build of 3.0 on June 12-22 and open testing on the Public Test Universe (PTU) starting on June 23rd and going until July 5th. Keep in mind, these are subject to change and probably have already changed since the they were updated on May 19th. Everything listed below is what we can expect to see when 3.0 goes live…and it’s a lot!

Persistent Universe Updates

3.0 schedule The moons Yela, Cellin and Daymar will be introduced into the persistent universe. Surface outposts with new procedural generation tech and mission givers Miles Eckhart and Ruto are also due.

The moons will also feature derelict ships and debris fields to provide points of interest and exploration opportunities. The planet Delamar with landing zone Levski is still showing as being scheduled to be released but I’ve heard conflicting reports about it being ready or not.

 Gameplay Updates

3.0 schedule update

Item 2.0 will begin rollout with patch 3.0. This is a complete flushing out of how items function in the universe. Ships will have internal plumbing commenting such things as power plants and shield generators and ammo supplies to their respective weapons. This is the first step in introducing enhance gameplay in multi-crew vessels and ship component upgrades. This also includes persistent ammo and damage for ships when you log out each session.

Manned turrets will get a much needed improvement pass and doors and airlocks will begin to know if the rooms or areas past them are depressurized.

Cargo is one of the huge things getting introduced into the universe. With this the mechanics to load and unload, pick-up and carry, inventory management, interactive commodities and kiosks to buy and sell cargo are all getting introduced. The Ursa Rover and Drake Dragonfly will also be able to be loaded into ships.

Stamina is also being introduced. This is in an attempt to make actions such as sprinting have meaning so characters don’t just endlessly run or jump across the universe. There will also be enhancements made to the Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS).

New Flight Ready Ships and Weapon Rework/Introduction


The Drake Dragonfly, reworked Cutlass Black, Ursa Rover, Constellation Aquila and MISC Prospector are all scheduled to be released in 3.0.

The Behring P8-SC Submachine Gun and Apocalypse Arms Scourge Rail Gun are getting introduced and the Gallant Rifle, Arrowhead Sniper Rifle and Devastator-12 Shotgun are getting reworked.

Additional Items

The backend, networking, graphics and UI are all getting improvements as well. You can see the full notes here.


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