Anvil Aerospace Introduces the Hawk – A Ship for the Aspiring Bounty Hunter!

Anvil Aerospace Introduces the Hawk – A Ship for the Aspiring Bounty Hunter!

The Anvil Aerospace Hawk

Anvil Hawk parked on the ground.

Make the universe a little bit safer with Anvil Aerospace’s new Hawk light fighter. Designed as a front-line defender, the Hawk’s impressive array of lethal and non-lethal weapons makes it an ideal starter ship for aspiring bounty hunters.

The Anvil Hawk Bounty Hunting Ship

A small, light fighter with an emphasis on weaponry, the Hawk boasts an impressive arsenal of lethal and non-lethal weapons, making it a perfect ship for independent bounty hunters or local security looking for a little more punch.

The Anvil Hawk is designed to not only safely take down the ships of your bounties, but also effectively pursue them on the ground. A purpose build window is located below the pilot to allow for more visibility while engaging prey on the ground.

Anvil Hawk Specifications

Anvil Hawk Specifications

The Hawk is a single pilot spacecraft made to be used as an entry level bounty hunter ship. It has both lethal and non-lethal weapons so you can defend yourself and disable your prey with the same loadout. Overall size is small coming in at only 4m tall, 16m long, and 13m wide.

Anvil Hawk Weapons and Hardpoints

Anvil Hawk Weapons

Weapon wise it brings a ton of power for its size with 2 size one hardpoints, 2 size two hardpoints, and an EMP generator. It tends to be run of the mill in other areas. It isn’t overly agile, armored, or fast, but it isn’t bad at any of these things either. When you never know what you’re going to encounter, it’s best not to specialize too much!

Unique Hawk Design

Hawk Prisoner in place in its cell

One of the really unique things about the Hawk is the cell that opens in the rear of the ship. Once you get your bounty, you can lock them in the rear of your ship where they can’t escape or do any damage to your ship!

The Anvil Hawk folded in landing mode.

Another feature designed into the Hawk is its foldable wings and compact chassis. This design allows you to slide into tight places, grab your bounty and get out of town unnoticed!

The Hawk Anniversary Sale

The Warbond Anvil Hawk is going to run $80. The price of a Hawk purchased with store credit is going to be $90.

The sale runs until December 11th.

Check out the Hawk concept sale page here.

Hawk Anniversary Sale Video

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