The Castra System


The Castra System

Castra features one star, two planets and can be accessed from jump points from Oya, Oso, Nyx, Hadrian and Pyro. The Castra system is named after the ancient Roman term that means land built for defensive purposes. Since Castra was only one jump from the front lines of a potential Human-Xi’An war, this system was made into a military only outpost during the Xi’An Cold War with the purpose of ensuring Humanity’s readiness should an actual war break out. Following the end of the Cold War, sweetheart deals were given to businesses and civilians to get them to move to the system. The most famous company to move here was Kruger Intergalactic. Despite convincing civilians to come into the system, many parts of Castra 2 remain UEE only areas in case they are ever needed.

Castra is centered on a massive white-blue B type main sequence star that is four times the size of Earth’s sun and 300 times as bright. The Castra system features only two planets, Castra 1 (Bullseye) and Castra 2 (Cascom).

During the Xi’an cold War massive amounts of money was dumped into the system, including the creation of an orbital platform in space to handle capital ships and long range bombers should the need arise.

Castra 1 (aka Bullseye) is a coreless world with no resources on it. It was named Bullseye by the UEE Navy who used it for extensive target practice.

Castra 2 (aka Cascom, short for Castra Command) is the only inhabitable planet in the system. The terraforming of Castra 2 was extremely rushed due to the fact that it was needed immediately for use should the XiAn invade. This led to heavy cloud cover over the entire planet. The city of Sherman is built on the flat top of a mountain. Known as the island in the sky, due to the cloud cover underneath it, is one of the must see areas should one visit the system. The people most interested in living on Castra 2 are haulers, merchants and others looking to be close to a X’An system.

VectorWhite’s Thoughts:

VectorWhiteThe Castra system is one of the armpit’s of the ‘verse. Castra 1 is a wasteland bombed all to hell and the UEE presence on Castra 2 is way too high for me. I’m on good terms with the UEE these days but I still don’t like being around them. You’re really going to have to get creative if you want to make some money here. There’s the usual small time smuggling jobs that are always present when the UEE owns an area but it’s not really worth the risk.

It may be worth it if you can pick up some jobs for Kruger Intergalactic. A company that size normally has some work they need done that they’d rather not have tracked back to them. I haven’t ever worked for Kruger so I can’t tell you for sure but I also haven’t heard anything bad about them. Word normally spreads fast when a company tries to screw over people like us so you’re probably good to take a job from them.

The only reason that I see to come through here is to go somewhere else. Swing by the cloud city or whatever they call it on Castra 2 if you’re into sightseeing, then bail. You’re too close to other systems with real value to stop here!

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