The Consolidated Outland Pioneer

The Consolidated Outland Pioneer

Ever since the unveiling of the quantum drive, Humanity has been on an upward trajectory of innovation and exploration. Advances in technology have allowed more and more people to sail the stars, to discover previously unknown solar systems, to harvest resources from celestial bodies.

Now Consolidated Outland offers another advance in Humanity’s technological evolution. Introducing the first mobile construction yard, the Pioneer opens up exciting opportunities for planetary settlement by allowing you to create your own modular structures.

So you can bring civilization to the wild.

Stake Your Claim

Consolidated Outland is pleased to announce that the UEE Planetary Development Bureau has released a number of Claim Licenses for commercial or private construction. Whether you’re looking to settle on a distant moon or a terraformed planet, these claims allow you to officially own a piece of the UEE and enjoy its protection. Each Pioneer will include a single Claim, changing the question of whether you should build to where you should build.

For over eighty years, the Planetary Development Bureau has been working with planetary authorities to not only oversee the zoning of building plots, but to mediate and supervise the sale of land claims for commercial and private use.

Certain restrictions apply.

Consolidated Outland Pioneer in the shipyard

The Pioneer is developed and designed with the same technology found in Consolidated Outland’s shipyards. It comes with a fully functioning production line inside and can produce an entire outpost in an area of your choosing.

Once it’s deployed and your outpost is set up, it can continue to build the area up until you have an entire settlement built! The Pioneer is designed to make even the least hospitable places of the ‘verse seem like home.

Consolidated Outland Pioneer reviewThe Pioneer can create everything from the materials that it carries with it. Those looking to build within the empire can purchase a UEE claim license. If you want to strike out into the borders worlds, you can do that as well.

Ship Sale Info

Pioneer Review

The Pioneer comes with the VFG Industrial Hangar, a UEE Claim License, Outpost Construction Material, Lifetime Insurance, a Pioneer Poster and a Pioneer Model.

The War Bond Edition comes in at $750 and the regular edition comes in at $850.

It is a limited edition sale and only available until Monday (or while supplies last). They were down to only 700 or so War Bond and sold out of the regular edition during the CitCon briefing.

Ship Information and Stats

Pioneer Specs

The Consolidated Outland Pioneer is going to be 200 meters long, has a max crew of 14 and comes with the hardpoints listed above.

It comes with 2 size 3 tractor beams, a size 4 utility arm, 6 size 4 distortion cannons, 2 manned size 4 turrets and 2 remote size 4 turrets.

While the pioneer is on the ground it is designed to be able to provide fire support for the outpost.

Further information will be coming with the upcoming Q&A on the Pioneer.

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