The Helios System


The Helios System

Helios is comprised of one star, one moon and four planets. It can be accessed from jump points from Tyrol, Charon, Goss and Taranis. Helios was the only system to officially be discovered by the Advocacy. In truth, it was first discovered by a gang of outlaws called the Daybreak Marauders. These pirates kept the jump point in Taranis a secret, using it as a means to escape while raiding in the Ellis system. After bankrupting a small shipping outfit, the Advocacy tracked down the pirates, claiming credit for discovering the system in the process.

Helios’ star is a type B main sequence star. Type B stars are the second largest stars in the known universe. Only 1 in 800 stars are type B making them relatively rare.

Helios’ star is what is known as a “peculiar”, meaning it contains abnormal elements. In the case of Helios, this element is helium. The addition of helium causes abnormally high solar winds, disrupting ship’s sensors.

Helios 1 is a small planet with few minerals. Its close proximity to the star makes it very dangerous to mine or land on Helios 1.

Tangaroa is the second planet in the Helios system and has one moon within its orbit. It is an ocean planet with very few land masses. It also has a large amount of tectonic activity. The permanent settlements are mostly located at the ice caps of the planet. Some settlements have also been built on the ocean floor. Tangaroa has become a tourist attraction due to its massive waves that can reach 1000’ tall.

Hephaestus Station orbits Tangaroa and is the main checkpoint into the Helios system. The station works closely with the UEE outpost on Helios 4. It is also a good place for merchants to stop to sell goods from outside of the system as they receive much of their goods from Tangaroa.

Helios 3 is a massive gas giant, one of the largest known to exist. Scientific expeditions routinely visit the planet, as do hydrogen miners.

Helios 4 is an ice planet that has many UEE settlements on its surface. Due to sensors being ineffective within the system, this is where the UEE runs operations that it does not want discovered.


VectorWhiteVectorWhite’s Thoughts:

The Helios system could have been a great place to hide if there wasn’t such a large UEE presence here. Anyone that can find out what’s going on down on Helios 4 would have some good info to sell to the right buyer. Or better yet, some excellent blackmail material on the UEE. Either way, don’t let the UEE find out that you are, or were, down there. You’re likely to get disappeared.

Miners always need stims so you could run some of your best homemade goodies out to Helios 3 and probably find a decent market. You could also try to look around on the ocean floor on Tangaroa. With the rate that those islands crumble into the sea there’s bound to be something worthwhile down there. That’s just a little too random for me.

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