The Kabal System


The Kabal System

The Kabal system is composed of one star, three planets, an asteroid field and can be accessed from a single jump point from Leir. Kabal is currently inhabited only by UEE surveyors. Several starship manufacturers have their eyes on the Kabal system and will most likely move in as soon as the system is opened for inhabitation by the UEE. The Tevarin are also arguing that they should have claim to the system since Kabal 3 used to have a Tevarin population.

Kabal’s star is a F type main sequence star. This means it is hotter, brighter and larger than Earth’s sun. This leaves a larger habitable zone. Kabal 1, Kabal 2, Kabal 3 and the asteroid field, Kabal Cluster 1 all orbit this star. The Kabal system has no known natural life.

Life takes approximately 2 billion years to begin on a planet. This length of time can be used to easily estimate if a system has natural life or not. Stars younger than 2 billion years old will not normally have naturally occurring life within their systems.

Kabal 1 is a small protoplanet. Larger than an asteroid but smaller than a dwarf planet, Kabal 1 is thought to be mineral rich.

Kabal 2 is a desert planet that is in the middle of the habitable zone. Its location makes it a perfect candidate for future terraforming.

Kabal 3 is an inhabitable planet with forests, oceans and mountains. Formerly inhabited by the Tevarin, it is believed that the Tevarin that used to live there left for the 1st and 2nd Tevarin wars killed before they could return. Kabal 3 has several abandoned Tevarin cities located on it. These cities still have Tevarin architecture, ships, weapons and religious sites perfectly preserved within them.

The Kabal Cluster 1 still possesses many rich mineral deposits and does not show any signs of extensive mining.

VectorWhiteVectorWhite’s Thoughts:

Kabal could be interesting for anyone that doesn’t care about the UEE travel restrictions. The easiest way I see would be to get in good with the UEE surveyors that are working out here. They’re already doing all the work for you. Just get one to leak what he knows about the planets or asteroid field and all you need to do is find a buyer for that information. Hell, get that info and I’ll buy it from you.

If you’re into actually doing manual labor, you could always sneak in here and start mining Kabal 1 or the asteroid field before anyone else gets the go ahead from the UEE. I don’t know what’s out there (yet) so it may not be worth it, who knows.

Kabal 3 is the obvious gold mine out here. Tevarin ships, weapons and all kinds of artifacts…there’s a lot of money to be made down there. Of course, that means it’s probably got a crap load of security to keep people like us out. The first crew that hits that place will make out like bandits, assuming they can get off without getting caught.

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