Origin Jumpworks X1 – The Best Spacebike so Far?

The Origin X1

Updated with the latest info from the Q&A.

The Origin Jumpworks X1 represents a collaboration between Origin and Alberto Vara of Infinity Customs.

Alberto Vera the Origin X1 designer

The result of that collaboration was a fast, maneuverable open-canopy racer, the X1!  Made to be as much of a work as it is a racer, the X1 seamlessly integrates thrusters into its sleek hull and organically fuses function with form. With the X1, Origin’s proud legacy of luxury perfection and beauty continues.

The <b>Origin X1</b> racing on the surface of a planet.

The Origin X1 comes in three editions, the baseline edition, VELOCITY edition and FORCE edition.

X1 Baseline Edition

The X1 Baseline edition is the entry level <u>Origin X1</u>.
The X1 Baseline Edition

Welcome to the next level with the X1, Origin Jumpworks’ new high performance open-canopy vehicle. Built from lightweight polymers, the X1 takes speed and agility to the next level thanks to seamlessly integrated engine technology and joint vector thruster placement. Innovative design and high quality engineering weave together to create a flight experience like no other.

The X1 Baseline is the all around X1. It isn’t as maneuverable as VELOCITY and not as durable as the FORCE but it’s a good compromise and the cheapest of the three.

The X1 is more durable than the Nox, but not as maneuverable or well armed and it lacks the extra person and rough terrain handling of the Dragonfly.


The X1 VELOCITY edition is the racing variant of the series.
The X1 VELOCITY Edition

Origin Jumpworks’ X1 VELOCITY takes speed to a whole new level. Constructed under the direction of Alberto Vara, the Velocity offers a lighter chassis to decrease overall ship weight, making the Velocity a dangerous new addition to the open-canopy racer lineup.

The VELOCITY is the quickest and most maneuverable of the X1 series. It gains this speed by getting rid of the S1 weapon hardpoint and other weight in the chassis. It still may be slower than the Nox Kue.

X1 FORCE Edition

The X1 FORCE edition is the security variant of the series.
The X1 FORCE Edition

Travel in confidence with the X1 FORCE. Featuring additional defensive capabilities, this new open canopy ship from Origin Jumpworks is equally suited for ground-based exploration or even reconnaissance and security operations.

The FORCE is the most durable of the X1 series with an extra shield generator and better scanners and view compaired to the default loadout of the other two models.

Each edition has its own hull and cannot be completely transformed into the other models.

This recently added video shows entry and exit from the X1!

The baseline will run you $40, the VELOCITY edition is $45 and the FORCE edition is $50.

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