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The Aegis Dynamics Avenger Review

The Avenger is due to get a size increase in 3.2. This makes the Avenger an even better buy right now.

This review of the Star Citizen Avenger will cover the four models of the Aegis Dynamics Avengers that are currently available in the ‘verse.

The Aegis Avenger began as a carrier-based front line fighter. They were successful at first but were displaced by ships better suited to the role like the Hornet. When it was removed from its combat role in the UEE Navy, it became a trainer for new Navy pilots and a primary patrol craft for the Advocacy and local law enforcement.

Star Citizen Avenger review

All of the Star Citizen Avengers that we have access to are single seater craft and they come in three base variants, the Titan, the Warlock and the Stalker. There is mention of a two-seater model that the Navy uses but it hasn’t been seen in the game yet. The three variants are rumored to have a modular cargo area which would allow them to switch to any of the other models.

The Avenger is relatively maneuverable and fun to fly. The Titan and Stalker feature a bed that will allow the pilot to log out while in space which is a nice feature to have.

Star Citizen Avenger view from the rear.

If the Avenger is the ship that you’re starting with, then you’ll probably want to start with the Titan so you can run cargo missions. It will serve you much better than either the Mustang or Aurora in that role and should allow you to take slightly more dangerous missions. As you gain cash, you can save up for the Stalker cargo module and start taking bounty hunter missions as well.

Every Avenger comes with two size 2 weapons on the wing tips, 2 size two missile pylon mounts under the wings and a gimballed size 3 Tigerstreik gattling cannon on the nose. The Tigerstreik is unique to the Avenger and cannot be changed out a different weapon.

The common Avenger chassis comes with a size 4 engine and a size 3 power plant and shield generator.

The Avenger Titan

Star Citizen Avenger Titan cargo area.

The Avenger Titan is the basic Avenger hull with the Titan Cargo Module installed. This allows it to function as a light cargo hauler with the solid maneuverability and combat abilities of the Avenger chassis.

The Titan can be purchased by itself for $50 with a self land hangar and 6 months of insurance.

The Avenger Stalker

Star Citizen Avenger Stalker cargo area.

The Avenger Stalker is the basic Avenger hull with the Stalker Prisoner Module installed. The Stalker is the variant of the Avenger that is used by the UEE Advocacy, law enforcement and bounty hunters across the ‘verse. The Stalker is the least expensive ship that has the capability to securely transport prisoners.

The Avenger Stalker can be purchased by itself for $60 with an Aeroview Hangar and 6-month insurance. You can also purchase it in a Avenger Stalker game package for $75 with an Aeroview hangar, 2,000 UEC, 6 months of insurance and a digital version of the game Star Citizen.

The Avenger Warlock

Star Citizen Avenger Warlock cargo area.

The Avenger Warlock is the basic Avenger hull with the Warlock EMP Module installed. This ship is specifically designed to stop ships without destroying them. When the Behring REP-8 EMP Generator is charged up, it can disable nearly any ship. The problem is that it also disables its own systems when the EMP fires. The Warlock gives up all cargo space in exchange for the ability to carry the EMP generator.

The Avenger Warlock is not normally available for sale and must be purchased during one of the special sales that occur a couple times a year.

The Avenger Titan Renegade

Star Citizen Avenger Titan Renegade in flight.

The Avenger Titan Renegade is the basic Avenger hull with the Titan Cargo Module installed with a slightly different base weapon loadout and a different paint job. This model was introduced as a part of the “Masters of Flight” series and pays tribute to the famed UEE Advocacy pilot Danny Soloman. Just like the Warlock, this model is not normally available for purchase and must be bought during one of the special sales.

Overall, we feel the Avenger is the best starter ship in Star Citizen.

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VectorWhite’s thoughts:

Picture of VectorWhiteI love the Avenger! This is what I first started flying in and I can’t help but smile when I see one. I started with a Stalker doing some bounty hunting…until I figured out that smuggling was less dangerous and paid more. Then I swapped out the Stalker mod for the Titan mod and I couldn’t have been happier.

Avengers are common in the ‘verse so they don’t draw much attention and they let you get into small jump points so you can get places way faster than bigger ships. This lets you snipe work out from under people by intercepting their comms and simply delivering what’s needed before they can get there. You can also swing in and pick up a bounty before them!

I’ve never had much use for the Warlock, but I could see it being useful in certain instances.

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