The Tumbril Nova Tank

The Tumbril Nova

Tumbril Nova Review

Built for the Second Tevarin War, the Tumbril Nova heavy battle tank has enjoyed a long distinguished career of military service even after the company initially folded. A staple of the UEE Army and represented in over five hundred combat operations, Tumbril land systems is proud to announce that the Nova is back.

Drawing extensively from the original blueprints, Tumbril engineers have kept all the features that made the Nova such a memorable battlefield equalizer while capitalizing on all the technological advances of the past fifty years. The result? The same resilient and devastating battle tank that redefined ground warfare brought to the modern age.

A Legendary Tank Reborn for Today

Tumbril Nova is good in urban environments

When considering armored ground warfare, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t instantly think of the Tumbril Nova. First entered service during the
Second Tevarin War, the Nova was intended to replace Tumbril’s famous DX20 as the new battlefield equalizer, but many would come to know it from the Battle of
Koren Pass. On that fateful day in 2605, three Nova tanks held off an entire Tevarin strike team for more than sixteen hours. Though the event would live on through
dozens of retellings that would justifiably focus on the brave men and women who refused to back down, it was the Nova’s resilience and ferocity that elevated ground
combat to another level.

When we purchased the Tumbril name and their designs, our engineers couldn’t wait to dig into the entire line of Nova blueprints and when we asked what kind of
changes would be needed to bring it into the modern age, they surprised us all with a simple answer:

There was a purity to the design that seemed to transcend time; something that our teams honored when they started work on the 2948 Nova. They kept the
spirit and form of the original, while updating the systems to the technological level that our modern military and security forces have come to expect.
I am very proud to unveil the new face of ground warfare in the 30th century.


Tumbril Nova Information and Stats

Nova Vehicle Specification

The Nova has a crew of 3 and comes in at 16 meters long 7 meters wide and 5 meters tall. This makes the Nova pretty huge compared to other ground vehicles that we’ve seen so far.

Tumbril Nova Cutaway

The turret of the Nova is a size 4 cannon nicknamed the “Hell Hammer” during the Second Tevarin war. It fires both standard and explosive rounds. The thing that sets it apart from a more traditional tank is the fact that it’s designed to fire at air targets.

It also features a remote turret with two size 2 CF-227 Panthers for ground troops and high-speed aircraft as well as 24 size 2 missiles.

Tumbril Nova Sale Information

Nova special edition

The warbond edition run $95 and comes with:

  • Tumbril – Nova Tank
  • Tumbril Nova Tank Badland Skin
  • Lifetime Insurance
  • SelfLand Hangar
  • Tumbril Nova Tank UEE Army Model
  • Tumbril Nova Tank UEE Army Box
  • Tumbril Nova Tank Badland Model
  • Tumbril Nova Tank Badland Box
  • Tumbril Nova Tank Poster

The normal standalone vehicle comes with:

  • Tumbril – Nova Tank
  • Lifetime Insurance
  • SelfLand Hangar
  • Tumbril Nova Tank UEE Army Model
  • Tumbril Nova Tank UEE Army Box
  • Tumbril Nova Tank Poster

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