Star Citizen: Around the Verse – Stamina and the Actor Status System

The ATV this week is back up to the normal length that we’ve become accustomed to. One of the surprises is an appearance by Jeremiah Lee as one of the hosts. Swing by his Twitch page and give him a follow if you haven’t already. Sandi Gardiner is the other host.

This week gives us the 5th installment of Burn Down and the number of bugs blocking 3.0 don’t really look to be getting that much lower.

Another big surprise to me was the level of detail they already have working in the actor status system. I was really impressed. Check out the video and see for yourself!

If you missed last week’s Around the Verse, check it out here. When you’re done watching ATV, swing over to our intercepts page for more Star Citizen news.

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