Star Citizen Baker System
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The Baker System

The Baker system has two stars, four planets and has jump points to Tayak, Kiel, Hadur, Osiris and Pallas. Baker was accidently discovered from the Kiel system in 2522. The system is currently in unincorporated […]

The 'verse

The Helios System

Helios is comprised of one star, one moon and four planets. It can be accessed from jump points from Tyrol, Charon, Goss and Taranis. Helios was the only system to officially be discovered by the […]

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The Kabal System

The Kabal system is composed of one star, three planets, an asteroid field and can be accessed from a single jump point from Leir. Kabal is currently inhabited only by UEE surveyors. Several starship manufacturers […]

The 'verse

The Goss System

Goss features two stars, three planets and can be accessed via jump points from Osiris, Tayac, Terra, Helios and Tyrol. Known for it’s beauty, the system is located next to a phenomena called the Olympus […]